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Post by jnlupercio on Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:05 pm

Official Rules

1. Be respectful to others. Insulting other users will result in a 2-day ban from forums. Insulting Staff will result in a 4-day ban from forums.

2. Absolutley NO SPAMMING in main forums. If you really have to SPAM then your topic will be moved to Gorea's Prison. You may SPAM a little but if you SPAM too much you will lose rights to post and will be only able to read topics. (Only Temporarily though) SPAM = Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. No one word replies. Thats SPAM.

3. Please don't go off-topic when replying to a topic. If you want to, then do this:
This is a Spoiler. Either Write your off-topic post here or post images
Off-topic posting gets really annoying. So, please don't post off-topic too much.

4. If you see a topic that needs to be locked or deleted, then please Report it. Thank You!

I think thats it. Unless I write more later.

-jnlupercio (Main Admin)
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