Rockin' The Mic (The Latch Bros. Remix) - The Prunes

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Rockin' The Mic (The Latch Bros. Remix) - The Prunes Empty Rockin' The Mic (The Latch Bros. Remix) - The Prunes

Post by jnlupercio on Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:21 pm

Four elements:
There's DJ'in'
There's Breakin'
There's Graffiti
...and then there's the MC!

[Verse 1]
Top of the food chain, devourin' the competition,
abort mission cause it's the bomb like nuclear fission.
To go against an arsonist, now that's a bad decision,
cause they steadily droppin' shit like a flock of pigeons.
So listen as I paddle up your ear canals, torrential
waters on instrumentals, feedin' you vitamins and all essentials.
Potential's monumental when it comes to hip-hop,
makin' a terror stop is like holdin' back a triceratops
Our ratios replacin' those, wannabes you're facing pros.
Screamin' 'bout your drugs, money, violence and fellatios.
Stereotypes got you blind like Venetian.
This bullshit they speakin's causing o-zone depletion.
Delivery upon completion, we're civilized like the Phoenecians,
but won't hesitate, commence deletion!
I hit backspace and you're gone with a second:
My clarity's beyond when I stay mic checkin'

[Chorus 2X]
So tell me who's known for rockin' the mic (mic, mic, mic)
Settin' fires, blazin' all stages in sight (right)
Leave it to the MC holdin' the crowd you must admit:
You didn't know but now you know, hip-hop's the shit!

[Verse 2]
And I ain't callin' it quits cause lyrically I stay fit, tight-knit,
Requirements to battle first-aid kits.
Spit gigabits of wits, puttin' niggaz to shame,
Y'all didn't listen when Spike Lee told you 'I Got Game'
I'm diplomatically immune to these buffoons,
Dwell in my cocoon in the cut like DJ Typhoon.
Stay tuned, the creature from The Black Lagoon's comin' soon.
Cold like the dark side of the moon,
at high noon be ready to face off like Kage and Eminem.
Spit fire, phlegm, and put an end to your problems
I remain dormant till I performin', to trick opponents,
never disownin', keepin' hint of power components.
Menace to society, you tell my variety.
Let my notoriety to the point that niggas are eyein' me.
They want my solo part waxed, yes they have contracts
Charged cause they keepin' me from gettin' called for my tracks.

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3]
My power towers like the Eiffel, believe I got the right pull.
My vision is insightful, you look you get an eyeful.
Se-verse Rhy-chology keeps you thinkin' that you as hot as me,
then snatch your Adams apple, performin' that tracheotomy.
Follow me if you can cause I remain inventin'
Y'all niggas 'bout to be out of here like Bill Clinton!
Inaugurate the magistrate, number one candidate,
I carry weight like freights when passin' through those 52 states.
Perfection on the first take while I'm causin' the worst quakes,
I shift the Earth's plates, stomp hard and made the first lakes.
The crust breaks, divided into continents,
my prominence is dominance, new common sense.
I free the dense, tense, there's past present and future.
I sweep through time continuum, channelin', travellin'
Until I reach the ninth millennium!
Attention all space cadets: hip-hop is the triple threat!
Expanding like the Internet, come and place your bets
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