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Post by jnlupercio on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:21 am

1. Always update by editing your post.
2. Dont lie!
3. Respect each other (ex. dont say "oh thats bullshit", etc.)
4. Post your FC
5. If you dont update your stats then your topic will be deleted. Update at least once a day or 2 days.
6. When creating your topic write "Stats of: (your name)"

1. Post everything.
2. You can include ranking points if you like.
3. If you are in a clan put the clan tag next to your name and down at the bottom of the stats. See updated EX.


(Clan tag in [])Name Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Super Hunter

Wi-Fi Win Record: XX of XX
Wireless Win Record: XX of XX
Connection History: XX.X%

Win Ratio: XX.X%
Win Streak: XX
Lucky Arena: Alinos Gateway

Favorite Weapon: Power Beam
Headshot Kills: XX
Favorite Mode: Battle

Biped Kills: XX
Alt-Form Kills: XX
Kill Streak: XX

Wi-Fi Play Time: XXD XXH XXM XXS
Wireless Play Time: XXD XXH XXM XXS
Total Game Time: XXD XXH XXM XXS

Ranking Points: 78
Next Rank: 140

Clan Full Name: Clan Name


There you go. Just Copy and Paste my example and add your numbers. XD Remember: always UPDATE!!!
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