Rules and how to post.

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Rules and how to post. Empty Rules and how to post.

Post by jnlupercio on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:49 am

2. Host or ask.
3. Post your FC to the other players.
4. After each battle is finished post the winner and points. EX:

Battle: jnlupercio(Trace) vs. ckrispy14(Samus)
Point Limit: (XXX) Time Limit: (XX:XX)
Winner: (Either "Winner Name" or "Disconnection" or "Tie")
End Game: (Either "Reached Point Limit" or "Time Out" or "D/Ced)
Other Info: (Headshots, Alt-kills, Bi-ped Kills, etc.)

5.Have FUN!!!!! Smile

Oh and have a battle with me sometime too. Very Happy

Good Luck!!!
-jnlupercio (Main Admin)
PM Co-Leader

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